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What is the main character's last name?
Who is the Commander in Season 1?
Who is the Commander in Season 2?
Why is Octavia arrested?
What did Clarke's dad give her before he was floated?
Who is Clarke's Mother?
What is the name of the Blake children's mother?
Who is Chancellor on the Ark?
What is the Chancellor's son's name?
Who shoots Raven in an attempt to escape?
Why was Miller arrested?
Where is the Ark located?
Why was Finn arrested?
What job does Clarke's mother do on the Ark?
Who teaches Earth Skills on the Ark?
Octavia is second to whom?
Where is the dropship supposed to land in season 1?
Who does Monty have sex with in season 3?
Who kills Pike?
Which delinquent was kept in solitary on the Ark?
What is the name of Lexa's Grounder Tribe?
Who is Octavia's Love interest?
What are the citizens in Mount Weather known as?
What was Lexa's ex-Girlfriend's name?
How many ORIGINAL grounder tribes are there?
How many delinquints are sent to Earth in Episode 1?
How many delinquents died on impact in the dropship?
Who shoots chancellor Jaha in Episode 1?
What colour is Raven's iconic jacket?
Who is Raven's boyfriend in Season 1?
Who attempts to help the delinquents escape Mount Weather?
What Ark Station is Raven Reyes from?
What does Raven's job on the Ark?
Raven is the youngest Zero G Mechanic on the Ark in how many years?
Who hires Bellamy to shoot Jaha on the Ark?

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