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Who portrays the character of Sabrina?
What style of home does Sabrina live in?
Her aunts... who plays the role of Aunt Zelda?
How about Aunt Hilda?
What fictional city do the Spellmans live in?
Sabrina meets a boy on her first day at school. What's the name of his character?
There's an evil cheerleader at Sabrina's school. What's her name?
When Sabrina first finds out she is a witch, what fruit does she end zapping?
Aunt Hilda has *this* on her finger to prevent magic going a rye.
What time did Harvey and Sabrina first meet?
There is a term for people without magical powers. What is it?
What color are Zelda's magical sparkles?
The Spellmans have a house cat. What's his name?
What profession does Hilda carry out for the first three seasons?
Sabrina has a good friend for the first season. What's her name?
Drell, head of the Witches' Council, turns Jenny into this when she sneaks to the Other Realm.
Hilda and Zelda argue about the ban of what Other Realm product during the elections?
Why was Salem turned into a cat?
What is the name of Sabrina's little cousin?
Sabrina has a more 'fun' aunt. She lives where in the Other Realm?
What subject does quirky Miss Quick teach?
Martin Mull plays this man as Sabrina's high school vice-principal.
Name one of the the three hillbilly cousins who were jealous of the Spellmans having the magic book.
Salem gets thrown out of The Slicery on Christmas and gets 'rescued' by a kid. The kid gives him what new name?
After Sabrina gets her Witches' License, she must tutor a new student doing the same thing. What's her students name?
Harvey has a friend with a rare witch-hunting gene. What's his name?
Word for word, what is the Spellman Family Secret?
Mrs. Quick helps Sabrina solve the family secret. What irrational word does she come up with?
What WWE professional wrestler does Sabrina battle in the ring at Salem's daughters wedding?
Sabrina meets a barista at a coffee house. What's his name?
Sabrina and Dreama overcome *this* in an episode of Sabrina, the same episode where Dreama is turned into a mouse.
After retiring her violin, Hilda takes on a new business that sells what?
Sabrina goes onto college and has three new roommates. Name of the three of them.
Sabrina's quizmaster suffers from a fear of what?
Sabrina goes on spring break with her friends and is only allowed to have what kind of fun?
What is the only thing that can hold magic?
Sabrina's biosphere is made of what kind of plastic?
What pop hit is stuck in Harvey and Sabrina's head when they studied at the library?
What does Sabrina study at college?
In the series finale, what was Harvey driving when Amanda zapped herself to him?
Sabrina ALMOST marries this man.
What will Sabrina's mother turn to if they see each other?
Zelda is in the form of what in the series finale?
When studying for her Witches' License, what does Sabrina have the hardest time transforming into?
What is the name of Roxie's radio show?
Sabrina starts out with Roxie on her radio show, but does not have what?
What *thing* from the Other Realm do Spellmans have a weakness to?
What magazine does Sabrina work for in the last season?
Sabrina has a sarcastic boss at the magazine office. What's her name?
Sabrina wakes up on her wedding day with what?

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