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Can you name the answers to each question based on each episode from The Office (Season 9)?

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Who are the new guys?New Guys
What instrument does Roy play at his wedding?Roy's Wedding
Who does Nellie say Andy's related to?Andy's Ancestry
Which employee plays hooky?Work Bus
Who loses their anti-anxiety pill?Here Comes Treble
Who finds out that Oscar is dating the senator?The Boat
Who is the owner of the Scranton White Pages?The Whale
Where does Pam paint a mural?The Target
What does Dwight call naughty or nice?Dwight Christmas
Who spreads the lice?Lice
Who is the newest member of Ath-lead?Suit Warehouse
What did Jim miss that he's upset about?Customer Loyalty
Who does Dwight hire to work in Jim's place temporarily?Junior Salesman
What gets spray painted on Pam's mural?Vandalism
Who does Darryl pair up with for the discount?Couples Discount
Who does Pam's new boss remind her of?Moving On
Who returns and make poison cupcakes for the office?The Farm
What does Oscar do in between commercial breaks of the promos?Promos
Who does Dwight shoot with a bull tranquillizer dart to get down the stairs?Stairmageddon
Who is Dwight's new girlfriend?Paper Airplane
What does Andy do to David Wallace's car?Livin' The Dream
What is the name of the show Andy auditions for?A.A.R.M.
Who is the stripper at the bachelorette party?Finale
What is the final line of the show?Finale (again)

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