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Can you name the answers to each question based on each episode from The Office (Season 8)?

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What are the people on the left side?The List
What gets tattooed on Andy's butt?The Incentive
How much did the warehouse win in the lottery?Lotto
Who is the author of 'Throwing a Garden Party'?Garden Party
What is Meredith's 'biggest fear'?Spooked
What saying does Pam say at Shrute Farms?Doomsday
Who does Jim have feelings for in this episode?Pam's Replacement
What movie does the office watch on the way to Gettysburg?Gettysburg
What is the name of Dwight's gym?Ms. California
What is Dwight's pet porcupine's name?Christmas Wishes
What is Kevin's team name?Trivia
Which employees stay with Robert all night?Pool Party
What does Kevin get Angela's baby?Jury Duty
Where is the special project?Special Project
Who is the president of special projects?Tallahassee
Who seduces Jim?After Hours
What is Erin's name in the episode?Test the Store
Who gets fired?Last Day in Florida
Who does Erin work for?Get the Girl
What codename does the office use to make fun of Nellie?Welcome Party
What did Andy suffer from with Erin?Angry Andy
How much did Dwight accidentaly donate to the foundation?Fundraiser
Which paper company does the big client go with?Turf War
What does Dwight use to test Angela's baby's DNA?Free Family Portrait Studio

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