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Can you name the answers to each question based on each episode from The Office (Season 6)?

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What is the rumor spread about Toby?Gossip
Who gets promoted?The Meeting
Who is Jim's only friend?The Promotion
Where do Jim and Pam get maried?Niagara (1/2)
Who cancels Jim's credit card?Mafia
Who is Michael's new girlfriend?The Lover
Who gets footage of Michael's fall?Koi Pond
How old is Helene?Double Date
Who is the murderer?Murder
What is Michael's plan called?Shareholder Meeting
What did Michael promise the group of high schoolers?Scott's Tots
Who ends up with the iPod?Secret Santa
What is the name of the device Dwight creates (Dwight on speaker phone)?The Banker
What invention was David Wallace investing in?Sabre
Why does Jim want the sales job?The Manager and the Salesman
What do Kevin and Pam call their final dinner together?The Delivery (1/2)
What does Dwight call his setup of work, gaming, and surveillance?St. Patrick's Day
Where does Erin hide her leads?New Leads
What is the name of Michael's alter ego?Happy Hour
Who creates a viral video about Kevin as cookie monster?Secretary's Day
Who does Michael think is hitting on him?Body Language
What does Michael suspect of (above answer)?The Cover-Up
Who are the other two employee's having affairs?The Chump
Who is the whistleblower?Whistleblower

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