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Can you name the answers to each question based on each episode from The Office (Season 3)?

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Who outs Oscar out for being gay?Gay Witch Hunt
Who is the only person who shows up for Michael's 'party'?The Convention
What is the name of Dwight's new dentist?The Coup
What are the 5 stages of grief in order?Grief Counseling
What are Michael and Stanley excited about?Initiation
Who proposes to who?Diwali
What do Michael and Dwight do to save the branch?Branch Closing
Who quits the first day? The Merger
Who is the convict?The Convict
Which party has the brownies?A Benihana Christmas
Who does Michael accidentaly send the photo of him and Jan to?Back from Vacation
Who quits that episode?Traveling Salesman
What are the five words Dwight describes himself as?The Return
What is the name of the stripper?Ben Franklin
What is the name of the band that plays at Phyllis's wedding?Phyllis's Wedding
What are the 5 (he mentions 4) goliaths facing America?Business School
What does Michael bring to the party?Cocktails
What is the manufacturer of the suit Michael wears?The Negotiation
What does Kelly explain to Ryan in the office's bet?Safety Training
Who does Creed blame the watermark on and get fired?Product Recall
Where does Michael take the women to?Women's Appreciation
What is Jim's team name?Beach Games
Who gets the corporate job?The Job

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