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Can you name the answers to each question based on each episode from The Office (Season 2)?

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What dundie award does Phyllis get?The Dundies
What does Michael bring in when he takes over the sexual harassment review from Toby?Sexual Harassment
What is Toby's game?Office Olympics
Who started the fire?The Fire
Who does Michael fire?Halloween
What color belt is Dwight?The Fight
Where do Michael and Jan meet for the meeting with the client?The Client
Who was the depressed employee that never got help and later commited suicide?Performance Review
What is Michael's password?E-Mail Surveillance
What does Michael turn secret santa into?Christmas Party
What does Michael scream within the first hour of the booze cruise?Booze Cruise
Who goes to get Michael after he 'cooked' his foot?The Injury
What was Oscar doing instead of lying in bed when he was 'sick'?The Secret
Who took a dump in Michael's office?The Carpet
Where does Michael host his guys seminar?Boys and Girls
What is Michael's favorite New York pizza joint?Valentine's Day
What is the first line of Dwight's speech?Dwight's Speech
Which kid ends up liking Pam?Take Your Daughter to Work Day
What is Kevin's favorite movie?Michael's Birthday
What does Dwight pee into for Michael's sample?Drug Testing
Who complains about Pam?Conflict Resolution
Who wins the prize at the casino night?Casino Night

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