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Can you name the correct multiple choice answer for each The Office trivia question?

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What does Dunder Mifflin sell? 1. Paper 2. Printers 3. Paper and PrintersEasy
Who buys Dunder Mifflin? 1. Staples 2. Sabre 3. Prince Paper CompanyEasy
What is Michael Scott's greatest fear? 1. Women 2. Nothing 3. SnakesEasy
Where was holly transfered from and back to? 1. Utica 2. Buffalo 3. NashuaEasy
Who did Oscar date in the beginning year of The Office? 1. Angela 2. Pam 3. GilEasy
What tv show did Michael use for his Sweeny Todd audition? 1. CSI 2. Law and Order 3. Grey's AnatomyMedium
Who is Michael Scott's wife in real life? 1. Carol 2. Jan 3. DonnaMedium
Who does Michael think is the hottest person in the office? 1. Pam 2. Ryan 3. AngelaMedium
How many girlfriends has Kevin had? 1. None 2. One 3. TwoMedium
What is the correct order of Michael Scott's second rule for business? 1. Act, React, Re-adapt, Adapt 2. Adapt, React, Re-adapt, Act 3. React, Adapt, Re-adapt, ActMedium
QuestionAnswer Difficulty
Where did Erin work before Dunder Mifflin? 1. Taco Bell 2. McDonalds 3. Panda ExpressHard
How many kids did Michael want to have when he was younger? 1. 4 2. 10 3. 100Hard
Which is the only character that has appeared on every single episode of the Office since the Pilot until the Finale? 1. Dwight 2. Jim 3. PamHard
Who is the murderer in the episode The Murder? 1. Caleb Crawdad 2. Voodoo Mama Joojoo 3. Beatrix BourbonHard
Which season involved the Michael Scott Paper Company? 1. Season 4 2. Season 5 3. Season 6Hard
What is Ryan's baby allergic to? 1. Peanuts 2. Strawberries 3. RaspberriesExpert
What is Ravi's occupation? 1.Doctor 2. Psychologist 3. PediatricianExpert
How many years has it been since Angela talked to her sister? 1. 16 years 2. 10 years 3. 8 yearsExpert
Who was the Dunder Mifflin CEO of season 7? 1. Robert California 2. David Wallace 3. Jo BennettExpert
Can you guess the exact quote from Michael's rant on Toby after Toby says the Boy Scouts shouldn't come to their casino night? Beginning of quote: 'Why are you the way that you areImpossible (No Multiple Choice!)

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