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Can you name the episodes of The Office (season 1-9) based on their cold openings?

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Cold OpeningEpisode
Softball blooper reel.
Dwight fires Kevin and Toby.
Michael sees Toby again and freaks out.
Michael thinks the new IT guy is a terrorist.
Dwight crashes into a pole.
Michael says he's superman and his co-workers are like citizens of Gotham City.
Dwight finds a joint in the parking lot.
Angela gets a save-the-date and says it's not her taste.
Dwight and Gabe have a leg curl competition.
Stanley complains about having thematic Christmas parties.
Cold OpeningEpisode
Oscar tries to explain to Michael about their budget.
Michael hits Meredith with his car.
Dwight creates a fake fire.
Jim, Pam, Michael, and Dwight prepare Michael's 15th anniversary party.
Andy, Michael, and Dwight do Parkour.
Micahel and Dwight setup a decoy Michael so they can play hooky.
Michael and Dwight prepare for the birth of a watermelon.
Andy sings 'Closing Time'
Stanley has to take the stairs when the elevator is brokern.
People talk about the corporate retreat in front of Michael because he wasn't invited.

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