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And maybe I'm crazy but lightning might strike me tonight
Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?
As I'm swimming through the stereo, I'm writing you a symphony of sound
In flights of fancy, grandeur and fame, goodbye goodbye
I wanna hear some music
When they can't find you I'm sure I'll be the one they blame
If you don't like being hurt then please don't stay
And I write a letter from a one way train but I don't think you'll read it at all
I'm staring at the clock but the clock doesn't talk it just stands still
Maybe I do, maybe I don't. But I know I haven't yet
To the sleepless, this is my reply: I will write you a lullaby
Don't be afraid Cecelia I'm the satellite
The rising tide will not let you forget me
Let's hang an anchor from the sun
My life in technicolor
And these nights I get high just from breathing
You'll dance with your headphones on
I'm not your star
I'm defying gravity and you're the drug that's keeping me from landing
I've got tunnel vision but I'm doing fine
This is all addition by subtraction
The balcony, the hills, the pain, the years of hope, the months of rain
We're still coming home
Easy getting warm in a burning building
Don't go so far away
Years of waiting, nothing fading
Swim for the music that saves you when you're not so sure you'll surive
Without you I don't sleep. Just dream.
I see colors when I hear your voice
And these could be the best or darkest days
Another lonely night in Amsterdam
Are you home tonight?

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