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QUIZ: Can you name the Sonic Youth song from the lyric and first letter?

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LyricSongFirst letter
Mission control to brain policeA
Seven days and seven nightsB
Angels are dreaming of youC
You got sun in your eyesD
We're gonna kill the California girlsE
The word is loveF
...of her singing crayon eyesG
Kick itH
I know, I know, I know...I
You know I hate myself but I love everybody elseJ
Heard your name the other dayK
It's time girl for you to leave townL
London, ****, you're pissing me offM
LyricSongFirst letter
Cinderella of the night doesn't know her left from rightO
I hope they come againP
Feel like an alarm clockQ
You are Lou ReedR
Burning a hole in your pocketS
I left home for experienceT
Now that you're in his arms, babeU
I saw this face looking down at meW
He's a war pig ****Y
I stick a knife in my headBonus

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