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What Austrian school snake lived between 1899-1992
What years were the Discourses on the First Ten Books of Titus Livius finished?
What Adam Smith work was written in 1759?
When was the Six books of the Republic written?
In what years did Hobbes live?
What political thinker lived between 1469 - 1527 AD?
What thinker who thought Fascism saved 'European civilization' lived between 1881-1974?
When was the first volume of Das Kapital published?
What political thinker lived between 1723 and 1790?
When was the Glorious Revolution?
What political thinker lived between 470/469 BC and 399 BC?
What philosopher did Marx take dialectics from?
When was Leviathan written?
When was the Road to Serfdom written?
What political thinker lived between 384 - 322 BC
What year was the Prince finished?
When did Jean Bodin live?
In what years did Rousseau live?
When was the Communist Manifesto written?
When was the second and third volumes of Das Kapital published by Engels?
When were the Social Contract and Emile written?
When were the English Civil Wars?
What political thinker lived between 427 and 347 BC?
What thinker lived between 1818 - 1883?
When was Two Treatises of Government written?
What text was released between 389 - 369 AC?
During what ten years was the French Revolution?
When was the Wealth of Nations written?
What political thinker lived between 1632 - 1704?

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