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Can you name the people whose names are palindromes?

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Rest of namePalindromeHint
____ Lovelace19th-century British mathematician and writer
(full name with honorific)Prime minister of Burma (1948-1956; 1957-1958; 1960-1962)
Darryl ____Actress (Blade Runner)
George ____Hungarian-born investor
Max ____German composer
(full name)Protagonist of Louis Sachar book/Disney movie
____ DylanAmerican singer-songwriter
(full name)Japanese novelist and writer of manga
Huayna ____Inca emperor (1493-1524)
Phillip ____Protagonist of Charles Dickens novel
Jeremy ____Actor (The Hurt Locker, The Avengers)
____ GardnerActress (The Night of the Iguana)
____ PavlovaBallerina
Pierre ____Prime minister of France (1931-1932; 1935-1936; 1940; 1942-1944)
Rest of namePalindromeHint
(full name)Star Trek alien or James Bond gadgeteer
____ of Cluny10th-century French abbot and saint
Yoko ____Artist and Beatle wife
Hor-____Egyptian pharaoh (31st century BCE)
(full name)Prime minister of Cambodia (1966-67; 1969-71)
____ FanningActress (Super 8, Maleficent)
____ RichardsWest Indies cricket player
(full name)Villain in Ezekiel prophecy
____ SabathiaPitcher for New York Yankees
(full name)Biblical first woman
____ von BismarckChancellor of Germany (1871-1890)
(full name)Actor (Xena: Warrior Princess)
George ____ CIA director (1997-2004)

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