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QUIZ: Can you name the words in this themed 5-letter word ladder?

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Hint5-letter wordRung
Region where hobbits live
OR an English County
Divide between several people2
Long-bodied predatory fish3
Crude dwelling4
Not held tightly in position5
With [rung 21], One of nine ringwraiths
OR enveloped in darkness
Hold to a zero score7
Lacking strong features8
Cattle identifier9
Cereal husks10
Pitt, Garrett and Renfro11
Hippie adornments12
Curves in the road13
Emotional attachments14
Hint5-letter wordRung
Archaeological findings15
Orange traffic markers16
Small sheltered bays17
Add a layer of material for concealment18
Vehicle for rough or extraterrestrial terrain19
Anduin, Brandywine, Nile or Amazon20
With [rung 6], One of nine ringwraiths
OR a person sitting on a horse
Journeys made on a motorcycle or bike22
Frosty coatings23
Green citrus fruits24
Bodily extremities25
'How low can you go?' competition26
Attractive but unintelligent female27
The Baggins who found the ring
OR ankle chain used to shackle prisoners feet

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