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QUIZ: Can you name the members and servants of House Stark?

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Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North1
Wife of #1. Member of House Tully2
Child of #1 & #2, Heir to Winterfell, fourteen years of age3
The eldest daughter of #1 & #2, eleven years of age4
The younger daughter of #1 & #2 nine years of age5
Middle son of #1 & #2, seven years of age6
Youngest son of #1 & #2 three years of age7
Bastard son of #1, fourteen years of age8
Ward of #1, Heir to the Iron Islands9
Direwolf of #3.10
Direwolf of #4.11
Direwolf of #5.12
Direwolf of #6.13
Direwolf of #7.14
Direwolf of #8.15
Founder of House Stark16
The King Who Knelt17
Father of #1, murdered by Aerys II Targaryen18
Elder brother of #1,murdered by Aerys II Targaryen19
Only sister of #1, died in the mountains of Dorne20
Younger brother of #1, a man of the Night's Watch21
Counselor, Healer and Tutor22
Steward of Winterfell23
Daughter #23. Sansa's closest friend24
Captain of the guard of Winterfell25
Master-at-arms at Winterfell, Uncle of #25.26
Daughter of #26.27
Tutor to #4 and #5 28
Keeper of the castle sept and library29
Master of horse30
Kennelmaster at Winterfell31
Storyteller, once a wet nurse32
Great-grandson of #32, a simple-minded stableboy33
Smith and Armorer35
Bannermen of the Lord of Winterfell36

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