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*Spoilers for the Blood of Olympus
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First book he appears in
Named after this hero
Nickname given to him by his girlfriend
Mortal parent
Godly parent
First stepfather
Second stepfather
City of birth
Greek summer-camp he joined
Cabin number
Main weapon
Cabin mate and half-brother
Protector and friend
Main love interest
Fatal flaw
Monster he defeated when going to camp
Pet (pegasus)
Pet (hellhound)
Only river he can't control
Defeats this Giant with the help of Terminus
Fights this Titan in the Hall of the Gods
Person who stands for him when he joins the 5th cohort of the Roman Legion
Went to Alaska to free this God
Battles these Giants together with Jason Grace
Was pulled into Tartarus by this monster
Gets captured by this giant in the Parthenon.
Bleeds from this body part, allowing Gaia to rise
Will go to college here, after graduation.

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