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Grandfather's mother, has a bible book named after her.1 Chronicles 2
Father's Name1 Samuel 16
TribeMatthew 1:1
Place of Birth1 Samuel 16
Sibling*1 Samuel 16
Original profession1 Samuel 16
Musical instrument1 Samuel 17
Prophet who anointed him1 Samuel 16
Giant Philistine he defeated1 Samuel 17
Weapon of choice1 Samuel 17
Predecessor1 Samuel 15
Best Friend, Crown prince1 Samuel 18
First wife, Daughter of the king1 Samuel 19
David stole this from the king at that time, while he was asleep1 Samuel 26
Kingdom2 Samuel 5
Place where we was anointed king2 Samuel 5
Age when he became king2 Samuel 5
Item David inherited from previous king2 Samuel 1
Woman he saw bathing on a rooftop, mother of his successor2 Samuel 11
Rebelling son2 Samuel 16
David's Captains*2 Samuel 20
Length of David's reign over Israel1 Kings 2
Successor1 Kings 2
Place of Death1 Kings 2
Far descendant, born 28 generations laterMatthew 1:1

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