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Can you name the generation 1 pokémon by the origin of their name?

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Magical word, sometimes said together with abracadabraPsychic
Japanese for 'thunder' + Japanese sound of squeakingElectric
Sound made while sleeping + Synonym for lazyNormal
A serpent spelled backwardsPoison
A nickname for a slow personWater/Psychic
To burn or singe + Lizard-like Ampibian (-sala)Fire
Cat sound + The first even numberPsychic
Mythical fire-breathing creature (-gon) + Small (y=i)Dragon
Nasty + Cluster of showy flowers/petalsGrass/Poison
Attracting object (-t) + Small thingElectric/Steel
Prefix meaning flying + Prehistoric reptile mammal (-ptero)Rock/Flying
Explosion + A large reptile with a protective shell (-tor)Water
Curse or bad luck (i=y)Ice/Psychic
Gruff noise made by dogs (-L) + Gracefully slenderFire
Word describing foxes (-ine) + It's number of tails (-s)Fire
Water mist + A word relating to a long timeWater
Stone figure from Jewish folkloreRock/Ground
Type of plant (+a) + The Greek suffix for lizardGrass/Poison
Supernatural (-chic) + A type of birdWater
Fine debris + To swipeGround
Unit of electric potential + Spherical objectElectric
Strange + Vegetable (-rad)Grass/Poison
Type of rock (y=i)Rock/Ground
Excavating/removing dirt + ThreesomeGround
Mythical Greek bull & star sign (u=o)Normal
A long-haired breed of catNormal
To Strike + Abbreviation for monsters + Martial arts actorFighting
A word relating to the North Pole (-c) + Spanish for 'one'Ice/Flying
Sound of thunder + Spanish for 'two'Electric/Flying
Liquified (-ten) + Spanish for 'three'Fire/Flying

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