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Can you name the Pokémon by the origin of their name (gen II)?

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Chinese phoenix (+h)Fire/Flying
Covered with hair (-se) + Pig relativeIce/Ground
Air (-y) + Storage unit for weaponsSteel/Flying
Tropical hurricane (-oon) + Eruption (-exp)Fire
Flattened nose + Dog breed (-dog)Normal
Male deer (-g) + Deer horns (-a)Normal
White liquid from cows (-k) + Large storage unitNormal
Unfamiliar (-nk)Psychic
Spanish for 'pretty' (-e) + Flower on a tree/bush (-bl)Grass
Palindrome based on an African mammalNormal/Psychic
Sound an owl makes x2Normal/Flying
Stuffed toy (y=i) + Latin for 'bear'Normal
Royalty + Mythical fire-breathing creature (-gon)Water/Dragon
Small child (-ke) + Dishonest personFighting
Mammal coating + Rodent mammal (-fer)Normal
First man in Samoan mythology (+X)Psychic-Flying
Prefix meaning false (-e,-p) + Forest (+o)Rock
Japanese for 'dragonfly'Bug/Flying
Closest star to Earth + Plant lifeGrass
Quicksand (-mire) + Master/lordWater/Ground
Rocking motion (-ble) + Strike repeatedlyPsychic
Dark/gloomy (-y) + Species of bird (-c)Dark/Flying
Darkest part of a shadow (-a) + Long span of timeDark
Species of reptile (-dile) + Chew on (-g)Water
Unit of electrical current (-ere) + Greek for 'lighthouse)Electric
Latin for 'lie dormant' (-e, o=ia)Psychic/Flying
Candle in a case (-ern) + Vase/containerWater/Electric
Japanese for 'water' + Japanese for 'monarch' (k=c, +e)Water
Japanese for 'blazing heat' + Japanese for 'emperor' (-ko)Fire
Japanese for 'thunder' + Japanese for 'emperor' (-tei, +u)Electric

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