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Can you name the Fallout 3 nerd?

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Character located in the broken bow of Rivet City
Who plays Dad
Number of Super Mutant Behemoths
Highly irradiated vault
Where is Red held prisoner by Super Mutants
Who is Red's 'boyfriend'
Unique plasma rifle obtained as a possible reward from 'The Replicated Man'
The bobblehead located at 7.C
Who's house is the repair bobblehead found in
What is Knight Captain Gallows first name
Who is the Nuka-Cola fanatic
Which vault contains the science bobblehead
Having all 5 Keller tapes enables you to obtain which unique weapon
What president's name has been given to the tunnel which allows you and Doctor Li to escape the Jefferson Memorial
Which location contains the most Nuka-Cola Quantums than any other

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Created Dec 7, 2009ReportNominate
Tags:fallout, Fallout 3, nerd

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