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What animals do Chandler and Joey own?
Which two friends worked at Central Perk?
Who is Rachel's lobster?
What was Joey's job?
What was Ross' monkey called?
Where did Ross and Rachel get married?
How many children did Phoebe have for her brother?
What is Janice's catchphrase?
Who did Ross marry the first time?
Which actor played Paul in a few friends episodes?
What is Joey's bedtime penguin called?
Which of Monica's boyfriends was Chandler jealous of?
How many seasons of friends was there?
What knocked the lottery tickets out of Phoebe's hand?
What is the name of Joey's agent?
Who hates thanksgiving?
What did Monica's dad give her to make up for her childhood memories?
What was Phoebe's dad and brother called?
Where did Monica get stung by a jellyfish?
How many children were born on the show?
Where did David the scientist move to?
Who was the annoying neighbour who lived under Monica and Rachel?
Who played Will Monica and Ross' friend from High School who hated Rachel?
Where does Rachel leave to in the last episode?
Who was famously obese as a child?

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