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Damn, that was a rough night You lost a fair fight I'm still dancing
I can't take another damn day Sorry that I'm out of your way Hope your happy now no matter what, I'll never erase your face
She's surreal She's dangerous and no one else can match those eyes She’s concealed So mysterious, that nobody can catch her lies
It's spinning round like one million pills in my mind I can feel my dreams slowly coming to life
I've been around the world a lot of girls wanna get down with me still I can't wait till I return to the one that's meant for me
Biting your lips, just right In your Victoria's Secrets Girl you're a first class flight But it's a curse that you gifted
I feel it when I'm breathing you're still in my lungs. I hear it when I'm speaking you're still on tongue. Stop don't hang up, listen I'm not done. Wanna tell you you're second to
I've walked for miles I have a dream I hear the crowd calling out for me So many smiles, so many screams So side by side Let's take a walk
Put on your face and you hide every trace Of a girl that I've known for a while I'm still the same and I've Got the same name But I seem to be freaking you out
Why should I care what they say Just want them out of my way 'Cause I'm the king of my own life I'll be warm when they're cold I'll be young when they're old I'm gonna be wron
Spread the news I'm gonna take the fight For the spotlight, day and night I can take this to the number one Be someone, before you're gone
Another bad fight Another hot night It's just like heaven and hell Can't separate us It's like somebody chained us We try but can't help ourselves
I should've known I've got the proof and you're guilty Now that your cover is blown I'm not the emergency exit
I might trip, like a geek I can't help but stumble when you speak I might slip I'll go weak I can't help but fumble when we meet
Late night A bubbly bunch of people break it out Heading one direction Downtown Ready, set and going for a ride Craving satisfaction

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