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Jumbled WordTermInfo
duoprct neliie. The Coca Cola Collection
karmradetThe legal protection of the words or symbols for use by a company
senssiub ketmarsCompanies and orgainizations that purchase products for the operation of a business or the completion of a business activity
remunoc ramteksindividuals or socially related groups who purchase products for personal consumption
ketmargni cepnoctusing customer needs as primary focus
censdeli andbra well-known name or symbol established by one company and sold for use by an other company
nigtarmke ixmHas 4 P's
rpiceAmount Customers Pay
evirded mandedthe quantity of a product or service needed by a business in order to operate at a level that will meet the demand of its consumers
eirctd emadndthe quantity of product needed to meet customers needs
Jumbled WordTermInfo
enigocrezThe first step to a business decision
titemoimpocCoca Cola v. Pepsi
opylnoomNo longer Pacific Bell or AT&T
lechnna fo tnoitsibubriAll of the businesses involved in completing marketing activities
onn isussben zationganiorhas a primary focus that is not providing products
dieftassi merstouscWhat the marketing mix hopes to provide
tegart kartemApple's is people that like music and technology
tegrasty A plan that identifies how a company expects to achieve its goals
ewn duoctprie. iPhone 4
tegedtarniWhen marketing is an essential part of business

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