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Consumers are unable to identify the brand
Consumers can recall the brand name but it has little influence on purchases
Consumers value the brand to the extent that they reject other brands
Consumers will not purchase the product because of the brand
Consumers view the brand as valuable and will choose it if it is available
What is the first marketing activity in product development
What is the second marketing activity in product development
What is the third marketing activity in product development
first level of product design
second level of product design
third level of product design
first component of packaging
second component of packaging
third component of packaging
fourth component of packaging
fifth component of packaging
what is the legal protection of the words or symbols used by a company
most products are sold in a
_____ are an effective way to meet additional customer needs beyond those directly related to the use of the product
one of the easiest ways to expand from one product in to several is to vary______

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