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marketingmarketing vocab
consumer doesn't want to buy generic brand products from Shaws
plain cheese burger from wendys
ipod classic,ipod nano,ipod touch,ipad
protection and promotion
child proofed advil container
brightly colored ceral boxes on low shelves
Hershey Candy sells; Reeses,Ice Breakers,Almond Joys,Kisses and many more
consumers demand eco friendly vehicals Toyota supplies:
buying gum at the check outline
electronics at the Apple store are attachted to the table to prevent theft
marketingmarketing vocab
No one buys economy sized windex because it's too heavy to lift
pocket sized tissues,one box of tissues, multi pack box of tissues
Dominos only sells 'Mardi Gras' pizza in Lousiana. What is Dominos paying attention to?
No other table tennis companys can call their game 'Ping Pong'
Jason only buys Pantene shampoo even though Dove Shampoo works just as well
Lucy knows many soap brands but she buys what's on sale
Apple sells the same ipod with different amounts of memory
a rock band tries to sell tickets to their show to the fans at another rock bands concert
I go grocery shopping because my family needs food
a pipe burst, so Peter needed to pay for a plumber

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