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Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me, I'll take you away, turn this place into our private get away
I used to be commander and chief of my pimp ship flying high (flying high) till i met this pretty little missle, that shot me out the sky
how could you be so dr. evil, your bringing out a side of me i don't know. I decided we weren't gonna speak so why we up 3 AM on the phone?
Im talkin bout candle light dinners, trips around the world. There's nothing i wouldn't give her if she was my girl.
Music's up, listen hot stuff, i'm in love with this song so just hush up, baby shut up, heard enough
When i say jump you say how high i aint never seen nobody, how they get so high. like a bird like a plane this party got me insane, this party got me insane
Ooh ooh la la la I am, im too fabulous i'm so fierce that it is so nuts, I live to be model thin, dress me up i;m your manequin

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