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Can you name the Tarzan 1999 Trivia?

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Gorilla Mother
Gorilla Leader/Father
Elephant Friend
Gorilla Friend
Protagonists's Love Interest
Love Interest's Father
Murderer of Protagonist's Parents
First Word (not including song)
Speaker of First Words
Number of Oscar Wins
Which Oscar?
Song 1
Song 2
Song 3
Song 4
Song 5
Which Number Disney Animated Movie
What Does Tarzan Splash on his Face?
What is Terk's Full Name?
What Does Tantor Originally Mistake Tarzan For?
What Type of Animal is Sabor?
What Animal Takes an Article of Clothing from Jane?
Which Article of Clothing was Taken?
What Color Dress Does Jane Primarily Wear?
What Sound Does Tarzan Associate with Clayton?
Where Does Kala Find Tarzan?
What Brings the Porters to the Jungle?
Which Gorilla Does Clayton Recommend Stuffing?
How Does Clayton Die?
What is Tarzan's Primary Weapon?
What is Clayton's Primary Weapon?
What is Clayton's Secondary Weapon?
What Does Terk Challenge Tarzan to Retrieve?
According to Terk, What Must Tarzan Do If He Wants Kerchak to Like Him?
What is Tarzan Wearing When Kala Finds Him?
What is Tarzan Wearing When He Saves Jane?
What Does Tarzan Wear When He Goes To The Boat?
Who Saves Tarzan and the Porters from the Boat?
What Article of Clothing Does Tarzan Remove From Jane?
What Are Tarzan's First Words In English?
What Animal Does Tarzan Mimic to Scare Kala?
Who Asks if the Water is Sanitary?
'Last one there's a ______'
'And the first one's ______'
According to Jane, Tarzan Has No Respect for What?
Which Gorilla Gets Shot?
Who Defeats Sabor?

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