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Shark with largest field of vision
Where squalene oil is found in a shark
Apex predator of the ocean
Largest ocean in the world
Shark with greatest longevity
Fin used to propel the fish forward
Best ocean in the world
Shark that uses its tail as a whip to stun prey
'Whale' that is more closely related to dolphins
Largest known species of jellyfish
Shark that is not actually a tiger
Oil found in shark that helps it float
Deepest ocean trench in the world
Octopus can fit through any hole larger than its _____
Marine animal without a stomach
HintAnswerFun Fact!!
Number of limbs an octopus has
Name of main shark in Finding Nemo
Shark that can survive in both fresh and salt water
Largest living shark
Where the salt in the ocean comes from
Fin on top of fish responsible for stabilization
Ultimate wingman of the ocean
Number of hearts an octopus has
Largest shark ever
How many tickles it take to make an octopus laugh
Marine mammal that rapes other males to assert dominance
Evil shark based delicacy in Eastern Asia
Largest living turtle
Animal with largest penis relative to body size
Fin responsible for providing lift for shark

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