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Can you name the 4-letter words in this Mean Girls themed word ladder?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Four for you _______ + [Last Rung]
FOX TV series 2009-2015
Sticky stuff to fix things
Excess supply leading to a deadly sin
'Regina George is a Fugly ________!'
Don't tell Aaron Samuels to ________-up
One ounce cocktails
'Get in loser. We're going ________-ing!'
Prison food slang
A failure or miscue
The girls do this to their hair a lot
An electronic heat sensor
Renaissance or county, e.g.
Do this if you want Aaron to 'tutor' you
The season that October 3rd is in
Watch out for garbage cans when walking down this
Karen senses this frozen rain by ESPN
It's where Gretchen keeps her secrets!
Two of a kind
Gave money for their service
Uttered or spoke
The deserts of Africa are full of this
Mr. Duvall broke this prior to filming
Aaron, Azaria, or Williams, e.g.
Clue4-Letter Word
Kitchen appliance
'On Wednesdays we wear ________.'
Janice dressed like one; hard rock
Home at sleep away camp
Hotdogs' bread counterparts
A prickly seed
Write mean things in the ___ + [Rung 51]
Farmhouse for animals
To make money
These make me a mouse. Duh.
The Red planet
A female horse
'Amber D'alessia _____ out with a hotdog.'
To put a load or burden on
A gentleman's partner
Lindsay Lohan's Character
Grant or Elwes, e.g.
Coach ______
A murmuring sound
Edge of the road
Kalteen bars 'help' you burn many of this
Grocery carriage
A bar aerial toy
Clue4-Letter Word
Adolescent game choice for liars
Rabbit cousin
'She doesn't even go ________!'
A large group of animals
Difficult or not soft
One of fifty-two
Feel concern or interest
'I want to bake one of these full of rainbows and unicorns.'
Cause to exist
Australian for 'Friend'
Ms. Norbury's Class
A shower with rubber duckies
A huge party
Low voice or guitar
Work place superior
Ghostly calls
Write mean things in the [Rung 28] + ___
Chess castle
Dancing to Jingle Bell ________
To fasten or secure
Going crazy in Spanish class
Four for you [First Rung] + _______

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