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Can you name the broadway musical when given a literal/concrete response of its lyrics?

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The beat eventually does stop. The curtain comes down. The actors go home.
You should be used to her face. She's been your co-actress for the past year. Her accent may change, but not her face.
Lies! I went back every night. It was always a comedy. Never a tragedy.
The hills are inanimate. They don't do anything.
The New York quarterback just got traded. Riff doesn't understand the intricacies of free agency.
I can't hear the people sing. They all died in the show and the actors went home.
This was a leap year. There were 527040 minutes. Get a calculator gosh.
I can see the wires. The stage hand brings you down at the end of the song. Stop it Idina.
I was at a matinee. There was still music. Get off the gondola and check your watch.
Show has been running for 10+ years. How is it still the 25th contest?
Man complains that he wants to make musicals. He stays an actor his whole life. Stop complaining Bueller.
It's not new. It's the same world every single show. Jasmine should be able to figure this out by now.
King George is wrong. No one ever comes back. Tickets are hard enough to get once.
I was there and I did see it. You killed your husband on stage and I had no desire to do the same.
Food isn't allowed in the theater. Singing candle invites me to eat. What is this paradoxical torture?!?!
Actor tells audience to join him to watch the show...after we all bought tickets and the show just started. Timing man, timing.

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