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Can you name the people who the main cast of The Big Bang Theory dated or had a relationship with?

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Sheldon Cooper...
went on a date with me after I broke my marraige off with Raj. 
broke up with me after I distracted him from his work. 
let me bring a pizza to his apartment. I already had the adddress. 
let me sleep in his bed, without him. 
made out with me in my son's apartment when I was drunk. 
and I have a Relationship Agreement. 
set up a scavenger hunt to date him that I won. 
Leonard Hofstadter...
dated me until I defected back to North Korea. 
was my booty call until I moved on to Howard. 
dated me until I made 'our' bed with floral sheets. 
dated me whenever I came into town to see my brother. 
had an on/off relationship until we got married. 
kissed me even though he had a girlfriend. 
spent one night with me because I donate money to CalTech. 
had a one-night stand with me until I switched over to Raj. 
Howard Wolowitz...
brought me to a reception. Touching will cost extra.  
spent a night with me in Vegas when his friends paid me to be Jewish. 
dated me because I was part of Penny's 'family'. 
was set up with me by my roomate. 
hooked up with me in a paint ball shed. 
is known as Clogzilla because of our date. 
married me and then went off into space. 
Raj Koothrappali...
was arranged to be my husband. 
spent the night with me after I had just dated Leonard. 
dated me even though I was virtual. 
spent the night with me but it ended a little early. 
picked me and my friend up with Sheldon. 
dated me but we needed a sign language translator. 
dated me but we were both too shy. 
dated me until he broke up with me for another girl. 
dated me and another girl at the same time. 
broke up with me so I took her TV, money, and her friends' pants. 
and I's relationship can be found on my blog. 
spent the night with me but it ended a little early. 
and I got married as a joke. 
finally agreed to date me and now we're married. 
Amy Farrah Fowler...
dated me to make Sheldon jealous. 
and I have a Relationship Agreement. 
dated me but I was a little too obsessed with Sheldon. 
Bernadette Rostenkowski...
is half my height but we dated for a year. 
married me. 

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