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A [Link from F/K]
Comedian known for roles in Bad Boys and Big Momma's House 
American comedian best known as the head writer for Seinfeld and later his own HBO show 
Former world #1 golfer, winning his only major in 2001 at the British Open 
Current Governor of Massachussets, only the second African-American governor of any state 
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D [Link from B]
Legal name of former all-time homerun record holder, casually known as Hank 
Actor who plays Jesse on Breaking Bad 
Starting small forward for the Indiana Pacers 
Singer of Careless Whispers, and former member of Wham!  
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B [Link from A]
Early American who said 'Give me freedom of give me death' 
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C [Link from A]
English actor best known for his role as Captain Picard in Star Trek 
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E [Link from D]
2001 Ballon D'Or Winner from Liverpool FC (at the time) [Link to B or D] 
Former Canadian/Northern Irish NHL forward best known with the Sharks 
Legendary baseball pitcher who now owns the Rangers 
Current Phillies first baseman nicknames the Big Piece 
Vermont politician who ran for president in 2004 and later became chairman of Democratic Party 
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G [Link from F/K]
Civil rights activist and preacher best known for his 'I have a dream' speech 
Former British monarch whose name is attached to the most common version of the Bible 
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F [Link from E/H]
King of Cool entertainer who was part of the Rat Pack and hosted his own television show 
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H [Link from G/I/L]
Former American actor best known for his role in Rebel Withouth A Cause 
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I [Link from D]
American actor best known for his role as John Coffey in The Green Mile 
Canadian Hockey defenseman, who is an alternate captain for the Blackhawks, wearing number 2 
American Jazz pianist and composer, played in Charles Lloyd's and Miles Davis' bands among others 
NBA point guard currently on the Warriors, who played in college at Georgia Tech 
American distiller and namesake for a popular Tennessee whiskey 
English actor best known for being the most recent portrayer of James Bond 
Former ESPN sportscaster and running back, who left ESPN for a failed bid at the US Senate 
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K [Link from C/J]
ESPN anchor who has worked on various shows, including hosting Stump the Schwab 
American musician best known as a guitarist in the band Anthrax 
English musician best known as the lead singer for the band Joy Division 
Long time NY Jets running back who was inducted in 2012 to the NFL Hall of Fame 
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J [Link from G/I/L]
American actor known for starring roles in It's a Wonderful Life and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 
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L [Link from B]
American novelist known for works Portrait of a Lady, The American, and others 
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