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An island prison in the middle of the North Sea for dangerous wizards and witches.
Transforms into the darkest fear of the person who sees it.
Hermione’s sharp-witted pet cat, who is half-Kneazle.
Three legendary objects owned and likely created by the Peverell brothers. Together, they are said to make one 'master of death'.
A difficult spell, and the only known defence against Dementors, summoning one's happiest memories
A rare and hard-to-make potion that promises the drinker good luck.
Wizarding bank in Diagon Alley, run by goblins.
A red envelope containing a shrieking, angry message that's impossible to ignore.
One of the three Unforgiveable Curses, it allows the caster to control another’s actions.
Wizarding gummy sweets available from Honeydukes in Hogsmeade.
Long-suffering Black family house-elf with a bitter dislike of Sirius.
The wizarding pub and boarding house through which witches and wizards gain access to Diagon Alley.
Magic parchment that reveals the current location of anyone on Hogwarts grounds
Norwegian Ridgeback dragon who is a pet of Hagrid.
A spell that can erase the memory of someone, partially or completely.
An inanimate object enchanted to transport anyone who touches it to a specific destination.
The optimum writing tool for any witch or wizard.
One of the four Hogwarts founders. She wore an enchanted diadem, which was stolen by her daughter.
A violent curse used to injure or maim an opponent,Slices and maims the target, as if they are being cut by an invisible sword. Injuries may be permanent.
A magical device that can transport the user back in time.
Beautiful, pure-white horned horses with highly magical properties.
Powerful Truth Potion. Its use is restricted by the Ministry of Magic.
Large tree in the grounds of Hogwarts that hits anything that comes too close to it.
A formal Christmas celebration, which was held for students of Wizarding schools who participated in the Triwizard Tournament.
Place where Harry first realized he could communicate with snakes.

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