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This spell is used to open a locked door, window or object.
Giant serpents which can instantly kill anyone who looks into their eyes.
Forest-dwellers who have the torso of a human but the body of a horse.
This mysterious object removes light from an area and restores it with a click.
A handy (even life-saving) spell for removing an object from an enemy's grasp.
Dumbledore’s loyal phoenix, who comes to Harry's aid in the Chamber of Secrets.
A nifty water plant that allows the person who eats it to breathe underwater.
A shop in Hogsmeade packed with every sugary treat a young witch or wizard could wish for.
A spell for starting fires.
Harry Potter's middle name, also the name of his father.
Spooky side street devoted to the Dark Arts and sinister objects.
To light up dark places at the flick of a wand use this charm.
Hogwarts ghost who haunts the girls' toilets on the first floor.
Lord Voldemort's pet snake and loyal servant.
A prestigious wand shop, located in Diagon Alley.
A basin used to store and review memories.
A wizarding sport played on broomsticks.
An enchanted ball that glows red if you've forgotten something.
A useful spell used to knock out an opponent in a duel.
Skeletal, winged horses that can only be seen by those who have witnessed death.
This spell binds a wizard to a promise, who will die if they break it.
A cabinet that often comes in pairs, allowing the user to transport from one to another.
A charm that can levitate things.
Highly eccentric father of Luna and editor of The Quibbler.
Surname of One of Lord Voldemort’s most devious and powerful agents.
Joke Shop in Hogsmeade.

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