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QuoteFill in the Blankhint
Here we are in the second quarter, period...third, some ____ __ __ ____, but I do know the scoreJesse
Papouli, this is, uh, Steve, DJ’s boyfriend. You’ll be seeing him around here a lot - _______ __ __ ____'Jesse
They cleared up. Isn't _____ great?Steve, the cousin
Steph, as much as I'm happy to hear that the public schools are _______ ____ ____ _____...Danny
Here's a little intellectual hint Never refer to Mr. Welles as the ___ ____Joey
Deej, we go back 8 years! We all know when it's ____-__ ____Stephanie (add the dash in)
QuoteFill in the Blankhint
Don’t mind Kimmy she has a seat reserved in ______ ______.DJ
if it’s an ________, I’ll call him...Phil.Michelle
Ooh, all of the sudden ________ ___________ ____ is more important than having a life.Gia
Are you going to ___ __ _____after the game, or are you too cheap?Aaron
Look, I’m not going to stay with guy because he has an ___ in his living room.DJ
Hey, that hole works both ways, ___ ____!Kimmy
QuoteFill in the Blankhint
No matter what anybody may tell you tonight, the guy who created '____ ____' will not be there.Danny
A wee bit miffed.I'm ______ __.When I think about what you did to me tonight.Jesse
My _______ _________! That's why we don't!Jesse
No Kimmy, there are millions of _____ ___ ____ driving aroundMichelle
What's a hug compared to the joy of ________ ones wallet ?Danny

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