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February 8, 1904This War began with an attack at Port Arthur.
July 28, 1914World War I began when Austria-Hungary declared War on this country.
April 6, 1917This country entered World War I in response to the Zimmerman note and the sinking of civilian ships.
November 7, 1917This Revolution began with the overthrow of the czar in Russia.
July 17, 1936This conflict began after an attempted coup d'etah by Nationalist forces.
September 29/30, 1938The Munich Agreement gave this territory to Nazi Germany
September 1, 1939World War II began when Nazi Germany invaded this country.
December 7, 1941America entered WWII after this bombing.
June 6, 1944The combined forces of England, the United States and Canada invaded German-occupied France on the beaches of Normandy on this day.
May 8, 1945The Allies defeated Germany on this day.
August 14, 1945Japan surrendered after the U.S. dropped atom bombs on these two cities.
June 25, 1950This War began.
Januaray, 1959This War began.
April 15-19, 1961This invasion in the Cuban Revolution failed.
November 9, 1989The Cold War effectively ended, when this fell.
August 2, 1990Iraq invaded this country to begin the Gulf War.

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