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Loss of past memories before onset of amnesia; also called 'Hollywood amnesia'
Inability to form new memories since onset of amnesia:
Improved memory if internal physiological or emotional state is the same as initial encoding:
Working memory, also called:
Brief memory trace for a specific sound:
The retention of information over time:
Knowledge of events in our lives:
Type of memory involving motor skills:
Tying a new idea to a structure of information already existing in long-term memory:
Trace of sensory input stays in your info-processing system for a brief period:
Creation of fictitious memories by providing misleading information afterward:
Grouping adjacent items that are at first perceived as separate, thus making them a single item, and simpler to remember:
Brief memory trace for a specific visual stimulus
Memory not deliberately remembered, doesn’t require conscious effort to recall:
The process by which a person encodes information into the long-term store:
Tendency to remember words at the beginning of a list better than those later in the list :
Facilitated recognition of a stimulus after seeing it, or a similar stimulus, previously:
Improved memory if tested in the same environment as the initial learning environment :
Knowledge of facts:
Organized knowledge structure, or mental model, that provides a frame of reference for interpreting new situations:
Old info interferes with acquisition of new info:
Schema involving organization of events in time:
Tendency to remember words at the end of a list better than those earlier in the list:
Tendency to remember distinctive stimuli:
The process by which a person holds information in working memory for a period of time:
Acquisition of new info interferes with retention of old:
Links between concepts:
Memory accessible to conscious awareness; 'declarable'

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