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focuses on specific problem behaviors and the current variables that maintain problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
decrease activity of neurotransmitter dopamine; reduce or eliminate delusions and hallucinations; severe side effects
psychological intervention designed to resolve emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal problems and improve quality of life
Freudian psychoanalysis - patients express themselves without censorship
Freudian psychoanalysis - therapists can make sense of dreams
emphasizes the development of human potential and the belief that human nature is basically good; phenomenological approach; focus on subjective phenomena (thoughts, feelings) that
treating psychological disorders with drugs
Freudian psychoanalysis - confronting and resolving problems, conflicts, and ineffective coping responses in everyday life
patients are taught to relax as they are gradually exposed to what they fear, in a stepwise manner
brief electrical pulses to the brain which produce a seizure and treat serious psychological problems
Freudian psychoanalysis - projecting intense, unrealistic feelings and expectations from the past onto the therapist
affects GABA (main inhibitory neurotransmitter) neurons become less excitable; moderate side effects
therapists don’t tell the patient how to solve their problems, and patients can use their time however they choose; have conversations with patients and learn about problems
opposite of systematic desensitization; expose patient to images they fear the most for long periods of time; provokes anxiety in the absence of negative consequences
attempts to replace maladaptive or irrational cognitions with more adaptive, rational ones
confronts patients with their fears, with the goal of reducing that fear
Freudian psychoanalysis - therapists formulate explanations from the free association
block reuptake of serotonin SSRIs; examples include Prozac, Zoloft; less severe side effects, takes weeks to see results
Freudian psychoanalysis - attempts to avoid confrontation and anxiety associated with uncovering previously repressed thoughts, emotions, and impulses

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