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Out-of-control actress who received jail time in the summer
Prime suspect in Natalee Holloway's disappearance arrested in Chile for an unrelated murder
Time Magazine's Person of the Year
Actor and director who left crazy voice mails for his ex girlfriend
Introduced the iPad
Creator of cartoon that started a feud with Sarah Palin
Singer known to shock crowds with her outrageous outfits
Switches talk show from NBC to TBS
2 decades of her show comes to an end
CEO of company responsible for the oil spill in the Gulf
Rapper released after 1 year in prison
Seaside Heights' drunk
First woman to win an Indy Car race
2002 kidnapped victim receives justice in the sentencing of her captors
Singer who helped Haiti after earthquake
'Golden Girls' actress who hosted Saturday Night Live
Accepting thousands of dollars so a fan could meet her husband, Prince Andrew
Disney star's transformation into a pop star causes concern
Announced to Playboy that his experience with Jessica Simpson was like 'sexual napalm'

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