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QUIZ: Can you name the Big Four Sports Trivia?

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Starting goalie for the New York Rangers? (Easy)
NBA All Star with LeBron and Bosh? (Easy)
Number One pick in this year's NFL Draft? (Easy)
Yankee Shortstop who announced his retirement? (Easy)
Scored 60+ points in an NBA game this year? (Easy)
City that the Maple Leafs are from? (Easy)
Most Recent MLB Triple Crown winner? (Easy)
Starting WR for the Denver Broncos? (Easy)
Most amount of points scored in an NBA game? (Easy)
Who was the Stanley Cup winner in 2013? (Easy)
What college did Carmelo Anthony attend? (Medium)
What number is Drew Brees? (Medium)
NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2013?
Name the NHL team that's name is also a basketball team? (Medium)
How many NFL teams are located in New York State? (Medium)
Kobe Bryant's Career High? (Medium)
What hockey team has the most titles? (Medium)
Who has the second most NBA rings? (Hard)
What country is Anze Kopitar from? (Hard)
What is the only MLB Team never to have a no-hitter? (Hard)
Who won the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest? (Hard)
What college is Paul George from? (Hard)
How do you spell Tulowitzki backwards? (Hard)
Who is the commissioner of the MLB? (Hard)
How many SPG did Paul Pierce average in 2003? (Hard)
What percent did Stephen Curry shoot from three in 2013? (Hard)
How much money did the Winnipeg Jets trade Kris Draper to the Detroit Red Wings for? (Hard)
Who has the worst BA in the MLB currently? (Hard)
What is Brian Scalabrine's Birthday? (Hard)
How many teams has Hideki Matsui been on? (Hard)
Name an NFL player drafted in 2014 from Georgia?
Lowest rated player in NBA 2K14? (Very Hard)
How many Sheppeys tall is Nate Robinson? (Very Hard)
What college is J.R. Smith from?
Who has the MLB record for K's by a pitcher in one game?
Farthest distance of a shot (in feet) in an NBA game? (Very Hard)
What happened on the first play of the game in Super Bowl XLVIII? (Very Hard)
Circumference in inches of an NHL puck? (Extreme)
What is the mascot of the college of Western Kentucky? (Nearly Insurmountable)
I'm thinking of a number one through one million. What is it? (Impossible)

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