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Can you name the lebanese rivers (don't forget the word 'river' after the name)?

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location riverextra info
BeirutThe most polluted river in Lebanon
Jdaidet El MetnOnly visible over less than 2 km
AnteliasExeptionnal fauna
South of JouniehWas historically the border between Egypt and the land of the Hitties
Between Jounieh and JbailAccording to the legend, it turns red during a whole season because Adonis, a god, was killed there
South of JbailNamed after a seaside town built next to the river
South of ChekkaGoes around the historical Musaylaha Castle
TripoliThe continuation of the Qadisha River
Al BaredGoes through the Palestinian camp of Al Bared
location riverextra info
North of Al BaredThe last river before the border between North Lebanon and Syria
AaridaThe border between Lebanon and Syria
DamourThe first river to the south of Beirut
North of Saida'First' river in arabic
ZahraniSouth of Saida
Beqaa Valley, North of TyreThe longest lebanese river
Beqaa Valley, North of BaalbeckFlows from the south to the North, from Lebanon towards Syria then Turkey
South of Beqaa ValleyFlows from South Lebanon to Israel and merges with the Jordan River

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