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___________ Map
Professor of Transfiguration
Ralph Fiennes plays
David Thewlis plays
Summoning Charm
Mr. Weasley's first name
Mrs. Weasley's first name
Who is the oldest Weasley offspring?
Dragon-loving Weasley
Horn-rimmed glasses wearing Weasley
Weasley That Loses Their Ear
The Weasley That Dies
Youngest Weasley
The First Name of Dumbledore's Sister
Professor of Charms
Torturing Curse
Killing Curse
Controlling Curse
The Potter's graves are here
Harry Potter's birthday
D.A.D.A stands for
Imelda Staunton plays
Warwick Davis plays
Hermione's parents are (occupation)
Room that only appears when necessary
Head of the Gaunt Family
Gaunt Family son's name
The Gaunt Family daughter's name
S.P.E.W. stands for
D.A. stands for
O.W.L stands for
N.E.W.T stands for
Name of Ron's pet rat
Spell that produces light from wand tip
Lupin suggests eating this after a Dementor attack
An Effective Oven Cleaner (revealed in Sorcerer's Stone)
Voldemort's Wand is Made of what kind of wood?
Produces the Dark Mark
Hogwarts School Motto
Elderly driver of the Knight Bus
Young conductor of the Knight Bus
Luna's Father's name
Buckbeak's Name Change
Hermione Uses This to Attend Classes During Her Third Year
Fireplace travelling is called the ______ Network
Sirius anonymously gives this to Harry in the third book
You can only travel this way if you're 17+ or side-along
The third brothers Deathly Hallow
The second brothers Deathly Hallow
The first brothers Deathly Hallow
These pull the carriages to Hogwarts
Means of travel with ONLY TWO wheels but can fly
This lands in the Whomping Willow and lives in the Forbidden Forest
An object that can be used to transport you to another place with a timed arrival is a

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