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Can you determine if North or South America is the correct answer to these questions?

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Enter "N" for North America and "S" for South America.
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Which Continent...Enter 'N' or 'S'Extra Info
...has more countries?
...lies on the Equator?
...contains the Andes Mountains?
...has the world's second largest country?
...contains Cape Horn? larger by area? larger by population?
...has native penguins?
...contains the Greater and Lesser Antilles?
...contains the Amazon Rainforest? closer to Antarctica?
...was home to the 2016 Summer Olympics?
...borders the Arctic Ocean? home to the Great Lakes?
...contains the land farthest from the center of the Earth?
...contains the San Andreas Fault? home to the world's highest capital city?
...lies on the Tropic of Cancer?
...was the site of Aztec civilization?
...lies on the Tropic of Capricorn?

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