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During the 7th and 8th centuries, monks of this descent sail to Iceland.
In this century, Norsemen discover Iceland.
In 871, Ingólfur Arnarsson, a Norse nobleman, settles in this location.
The Althing convenes for the first time at Þingvellir as a body of chieftains for the purpose of making what?
Þingvellir is located at the boundary between which two tectonic plates?
Around 1000, this religion becomes dominant over Paganism.
This Icelandic explorer discovers North America in roughly 1000.
From the 1120s to the 1230s, most of these Icelandic tales of family feuds and heroics are written.
In 1262, Iceland comes under the control of this Northern European nation.
Over one-third of Iceland's population is wiped out by this disease in 1402 (and again in 1707).
In 1584, this religious text is translated into Icelandic.
This volcano erupts in 1783, destroying large swaths of Icelandic farmland.
The king of this nation shuts down the Althing in 1800.
In 1915, women receive this civil right.
In 1944, the Republic of Iceland is officially established. This occurred during which major war?
Following this establishment, Iceland's current flag is adopted. How many colors are on it?
Iceland becomes a member of this international organization in 1949.
In 1994, Iceland joins the European Economic Area, an economic arrangement with which organization?
Troops from which nation leave the Keflavík Air Base in 2006?
In 2010, this volcano erupts, severely inhibiting air travel between North America and Europe.

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