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Due to its remoteness and harsh climate, which continent has almost no permanent residents?
Antigua and Barbuda is found within the borders of which continent?
Between the Black Sea and Persian Gulf lies land belonging to which continent?
Eventually becoming the largest piece of continental crust of the Paleozoic Era, which ancient supercontinent covered 100,000,000 km2 of land?
Fennoscandia, a region containing the Kola Peninsula, is part of which continent?
In which continent could one find three countries that meet a point, one each speaking English, Dutch, and Portuguese?
Dakar lies on which continent's mainland's westernmost point?
Baikal, the world's deepest lake, is found on which continent?
Egypt, often considered a transcontinental country, lies mostly on which continent?
Dunedin, the second most populous city on South Island, is found on which continent?
During the breakup of Pangaea, which of the resulting two continents drifted northwards?
France's overseas territory of Guadeloupe is part of which continent?
Bordering the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, which continent is the world's second largest by both population and area?
According to the Global Peace Index, which continent contains the world's most peaceful country?

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