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Can you identify the characters in Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible?'

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Forced Order
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A stolid farmer who holds himself to a high moral standard; loyal and upstanding; detests hypocrisy but has flaws
A woman convinced her seven stillborn children were the victims of witchcraft
A Barbadian slave; the first to be accused of practicing witchcraft
Wife to a local farmer, often perceived as 'cold'
A young girl who falls into a stupor after being caught dancing in the woods; a catalyst for further accusations
A young female servant, described as a 'fat, sly, merciless girl'
A wealthy citizen who uses the witch trials as a vessel for broadening his estate
A timid servant; tries to expose accusers but ultimately fails
A wise, highly-regarded Salem woman who refuses to confess to practicing witchcraft when accused
A vindictive young female servant; has an affair with a member of her household
An elderly farmer who is pressed to death after refusing to confess to witchcraft
The Deputy Governor of Massachusetts; sees his sentencing of innocents as morally just
A minister called into Salem to assess the supposed presence of witchcraft
Husband to one of Salem's most revered citizens; at odds with a certain wealthy citizen
A Salem woman whose reading habits ultimately result in her condemnation
A power-hungry minister overly concerned with his societal image

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