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Can you name the things in Africa that start with the letter 'A'?

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What resource-rich mountain range in the Maghreb region is primarily inhabited by Berbers?
Which capital is centered on Africa's 'Gold Coast,' a former British colony known for its large gold deposits?
What indigenous ungulate that is biologically similar to a deer is commonly found on African savannas?
What 'Triangle' in Africa's northeast is characterized by its scorching climate, salt lakes, and below-sea-level terrain?
Which nation is Africa's largest by area?
What language is deemed official in 12 African countries?
What lake in Djibouti is both the world's largest salt reserve and Africa's lowest point?
What Semitic language is official in Ethiopia?
Located just north of the Sous River mouth, which city is the capital of the Souss-Massa Region?
What city was once home to the ancient world's largest library as well as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
What important port is Africa's fourth most populous city proper?
What language primarily used in Southern Africa was derived from Dutch?
What East African lake was named after the late husband of Queen Victoria?
What is another name historically used for the Ethiopian Empire?
What term is used to refer to the institutionalized racial discrimination that occurred in South Africa between 1948 and 1991?
What city is the capital of Analamanga region and home to Lake Anosy?
What city lies just south of the Zuma Rock, a large monolith in Kaduna State?
What city is located directly north of an eponymous Nile River dam that created Lake Nasser?
What 'City of Humans' is home to Meskel Square and the Lion of Judah monument?
What Gulf would one cross traveling from Yemen to Somalia?

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