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Can you name the 5-letter answers to each of these geography questions - one for each letter of the alphabet?

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AWhat term refers to a ring-shaped reef or island of coral?
BWhat sea borders both Georgia and Ukraine?
CPanama, Suez, and Erie are all types of what?
DWhat is the capital of Senegal?
EWhat city in Western Germany is the country's ninth largest by population?
FPersian is known by what name in Persian?
GLibreville is the capital of which equatorial African country?
HWhat name refers to both an ethnic group and language of West Africa spoken by over 30 million people?
IWhat South Asian river originates in Western Tibet and flows mostly through Pakistan before emptying near the city of Thatta?
JWhat archipelago consists of Hokkaido and Shikoku, among other islands?
KWhat country is the only one to border both Ethiopia and Tanzania?
LWhat is the Philippines' largest island by both population and area?
MWhat language is official in Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia?
NWhat city on Brazil's northeastern coast is the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte?
OWhat is Europe's second largest lake by surface area?
PWhat major tributary of the Amazon River originates in Peru and travels over 1,800 miles through the Amazon rainforest?
QWhat country's capital is Doha?
RWhat major Western European river flows through the German city of Cologne?
SWhat strait divides the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java?
TLocated about 100 miles west of Helsinki, what city was Finland's first capital?
UWhat massive sandstone monolith in Australia is also known as 'Ayers Rock?'
VWhat name lends itself to both a lake and river in Ghana, as well as part of Burkina Faso's former name?
WWhat sea is directly south of the Kola Peninsula?
XWhat term refers to both a Bantu ethnic group and language of Southern Africa?
YWhat country administers the island of Socotra?
ZWhat is the currency of Poland?

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