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Can you answer these 15 chemistry-related questions, 5 each beginning with the letters 'A', 'B', and 'C'?

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What term describes a solution with a pH below 7? 
Which type of hydrocarbon has the general formula CnH2n + 2? 
What term refers to a negatively charged ion? 
Which noble gas has atomic number 18? 
After which Italian scientist is the constant 6.022 x 1023 named? 
What term refers to a substance that reacts with an acid to form a salt and water? 
A synonym for vaporization, what process occurs at 100oC for fresh water at sea level? 
Which metalloid is located directly above aluminum on the Periodic Table? 
Whose law states that the absolute pressure and volume of a gas are inversely proportional at constant temperature? 
Used particularly in titrations, what chemical tool delivers specific volumes of liquid via a graduated glass tube? 
What term refers to a substance that facilitates an increase in the speed of a chemical reaction while not being consumed or destroyed? 
In a galvanic cell, reduction occurs at what positively charged half-cell? 
What term refers to a homogeneous, noncrystalline substance consisting of large molecules dispersed within another substance? 
What term describes a substance's transformation from a vapor or gas to a liquid? 
What is the SI unit of electric charge? 

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