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Can you name the Bionicle villians?

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Mosquito like Rahi
Tiger Rahi
Bull Rahi
Lizard Rahi
Scorpion Rahi
Crab Rahi
Insectoids controlled by Krana
Borohk drones that delivered Krana
Borohk queens
Main baddie of Bionicle
Sons of Makuta
Po matoran caught selling infected kohlii balls
Poison Spider like Rahi
Puppet king
Queen responsible for the mutation of an entire Toa team
Turaga turned evil.
Stole masks from innocent Matoran
Four legged former Toa of air turned Dark hunter
Dark hunter who hailed from the same island that Sidorak came from.
The leader of the dark hunters
The trigger
The tracer
The drifter
The snake
The beast
The bully
Insane clone of Vezok
A being who lived off of the nightmares of others
Mantis shrimp Barraki
Shark Barraki
Squid Barraki
Manta ray Barraki
Eel Barraki
Crab Barraki
Jailer of the pit
Makuta in disquise
Dragon Makuta
Vampric Makuta
Bat Makuta responsible for the Visorak
Makuta that specialized in mutation
Brutish Makuta
Mosquito Makuta That would do almost anything she was told to do
Lank beetle Makuta
Makuta who dreams of becoming a Toa
Rock savages
Skrall warlord
Scorpion like beasts
Agori that sold off Glatorian to the Skrall
The people Who were responsible for creating the Matoran. (Not really villans though)

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